SafeMedWaste Expands Disposal List of Controlled Substances

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Product Developers add Testosterone to the Growing List of Disposal Options as they Prepare to Launch the Innovative, Disposal Solution

Charleston, S.C. [May 4, 2021] – Okra Medical, an innovator of sustainable pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Testosterone Enanthate (Cream and IM) and Testosterone Cypionate (Cream and IM) to the SafeMedWaste Compatible Drug List. The current Compatible Drug List includes more than 30 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that are widely used in a variety of branded drugs. All APIs on the list of compatible drugs have been rigorously tested to confirm safety and efficacy of destruction with SafeMedWaste.

In 1991, the Drug Enforcement Agency declared testosterone (Schedule III) a controlled substance, putting it in the same category as heroin (Schedule I) and cocaine (Schedule II). Research has shown that testosterone and other AAS (sex hormones) are abused by adults and adolescents, including athletes and body builders. Abuse of testosterone, usually at doses higher than those typically prescribed, is associated with serious safety risks affecting the heart, brain, liver, mental health, and endocrine system.

“We are excited that SafeMedWaste has been proven effective for onsite destruction of testosterone cypionate and enanthate,” said Okra Medical CEO Marshall Hartmann. “In recent years, testosterone has become more dangerous, as drug abuse rates have increased significantly. The addition of testosterone to the SafeMedWaste compatible drugs list is another example of our commitment to continuous improvement and creation of a risk-free future for drug waste management. Okra Medical encourages businesses, communities, and individuals to increase their awareness of the risks associated with unintended access to dangerous drug waste.”

Okra Medical plans to officially launch SafeMedWaste later this year. This new technology is the first onsite drug waste disposal solution to offer complete chemical destruction of the drug molecule. Fast-acting SafeMedWaste shortens the drug lifespan to reduce risks associated with non-compliance, diversion, and environmental contamination. The byproduct of the destruction process does not require handling, storage, or disposal as hazardous waste.

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